VEX EDR was started in 2005 to provide an affordable, accessible and sustainable option for students, educators, and professionals to get excited about STEM education and involved via hands-on robotics programs.

At the time VEX started, there were already other robotics competitions in the market. That being said, some needs were still left unmet. This prompted the creation of VEX Robotics design system as an adaptable robotics kit. Our affordable educational materials and curriculum, plus the fact that these robots can be easily built in a classroom without the need for a machine shop make VEX perfect for getting robotics into schools. The vast network of competitions and events for VEX teams to participate in is also a huge incentive.


VEX Robotics inspires students to become the problem-solving heroes of tomorrow.

VEX EDR offers students a rich and exciting platform to immerse themselves in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the fun experience of building robots. Educators can bring VEX EDR into the classroom with our custom curriculum, or use it as a teaching tool through after-school robotics clubs.

  • Highly versatile construction system allows students to build whatever they can imagine
  • Rapidly expanding product line creates new possibilities and ample opportunities for growth
  • System is accessible to multiple ages and experience levels, catering to both beginners and experts ranging from Middle School to College

With over 300 parts, the VEX EDR system provides an unlimited number of ways to achieve the same goal, and encourages students’ creativity in problem-solving. Our products are built around each other to ensure a seamless integration. Every part “just works” together.

  • Build anything you can imagine; the possibilities are endless!
  • Ease of use allows for beginners to build basic, drive-able robots within hours
  • VEX utilizes community-driven design by sourcing feedback from our community of students and teachers, allowing us to improve upon current parts and design future products


Everything needed to build your first robot today!

VEX EDR Starter Kits are perfect for jumping into the world of educational mobile robotics. With helpful instructions, tools, and default programming code included, any student or hobbyist can build their first Clawbot in a matter of hours.

  • Our low-cost kit is the perfect introduction to robotics
  • Build the Clawbot and pick up objects
  • Pairs seamlessly with the free VEX EDR Curriculum
  • Basic drive base can be used for many designs
  • Learn about the center of gravity and other concepts

Add programming software for advanced opportunities


Helps a team of 4-6 students build anything their minds can conceive.

Classroom & Competition Kits take educational robotics to the next level. The wide variety of additional included parts means that a team of students can build a robot that is bigger, stronger, and more functional.

  • Build robots that feature additional sensors or linkages
  • Enhances lessons found in the VEX EDR Curriculum
  • Includes popular accessories used in competition
  • Choose Mechatronics or Programming options

Add programming software for advanced opportunities


A complete STEM classroom solution for 24-30 students.

Use this discounted turn-key bundle to transform your classroom into a robotics arena. When a lesson plan turns competitive, engagement skyrockets as students become more motivated, creative, and focused.

  • Includes enough materials for a six-team event
  • Classroom & Competition Kits enable advanced designs
  • Use with the VEX EDR Curriculum for a whole class
  • Versatile field perimeter assembles in minutes
  • Swept Away game kit is ideal for all skill levels

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